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Fireworks 2022

“The firework rises high,
like a trail that slips into the crack of the air.
Then the colours explode, illuminate the earth and the sky
and collapse below.
Their light descends like a fountain,
an artificial water.”
(Fabrizio Caramagna)

Even in 2022 Bibione will give its visitors the opportunity to do just that: look at the sky and admire the lights and colours of the fireworks that have always characterized the summer of our seaside resort.

The appointment is, as usual, in Piazzale Zenith on the following dates:

  • Sunday, 12th June at 11 pm
  • Sunday, 17th July at 11 pm
  • Monday, 15th August at 11 pm
  • Thursday, 15th September at 11 pm (music fireworks).

In case of bad weather on any of the dates, the event will be postponed to the following evening.

In addition, the fireworks display of Lido del Sole scheduled for Thursday, 25th August should be noted on the agenda!

When: June, 12 - September, 15